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Quality and Performance

The Quality Policy is a statement relating to a broad spectrum of VALUE ADDED features, which together aim to ensure Quality, Reliability and Customer Delight. The following attributes give insight to the facts which precisely help you to identify what differentiates BRUNTON WIRE from its competitors.


Brunton Wire’s engineering expertise differentiates itself from the competition. BWWR products are manufactured with Raw Materials from USHA MARTIN and GUSTAV WOLF, world leaders in specialty wire and rope products, using state of art machinery. In house designed machinery and procedures for selecting and testing raw materials to allow for extra strength, extended fatigue performance and improved rotational resistance have resulted in BRUNTON WIRE being viewed as the STANDARD for the chosen industry, both nationally and internationally.

BWWR is proud to have its facility awarded certification for our Quality Assurance Program according to BS EN ISO 9001 Standards. The plant has also been approved for API 9A certification.

BWWR is one platform which has integrated Product & process technology, manufacturing excellence and testing standards, application engineering & training know-how of the whole group.

Commitment to Quality

Brunton Wire tests a sample from each production batch to destruction in order to designate each rope by the actual breaking force which is states on the test certificates. This gives the user a confirmation that the rope has met or exceeded its specified minimum breaking force value. Many of our competitors mention the calculated minimum breaking force value which is not verified until used by the valued customer. BWWR has also the testing facilities for fatigue life, crush resistance and rotational characteristics for the products within our High Performance Range.


Good raw material input at the beginning of the rope making process combined with tight process control ensure consistently high quality in the finished rope. Usha Martin manufactures steel and rod to international standards and to even more exacting internal standards through its mini blast furnace – arc furnace – ladle furnace – vacuum degassing electromagnetic stirring – continuous casting route

A close and unique co-operation between company owned ISO 9001 certified steel making, rod manufacturing and wire drawing facilities guarantee production feed materials which are “tailor made” to attain the required properties of ductility and tensile strength which are essential in the finished rope.


As well as operating a rigorous program of testing throughout the production process Brunton wire confirms the minimum breaking force of each and every finished rope with an actual test to destruction.

The Test Certificate which is supplied with every rope will indicate a minimum guaranteed breaking force and the actual breaking force at which the test sample broke.

The Brunton Wire testing facility is approved by Lloyds Register of Shipping.


Certification to ISO 9001 requires that Brunton Wire document all work procedures, processes and related activities covering design, development, production, shipping and commercial activity.

ISO 9001 is a guarantee to our customers that we will do exactly what we say we are going to do. Wire and Wire ropes division at Ranchi is the first and the only in India to receive the prestigious award for excellence in TPM from Japanese Institute of Productivity Management (JIPM). TPM activities are also prevailing in the Brunton Wire plant. Additionally, it is also having the API-9A monogram.


Bending fatigue resistance is the ability of the wire rope to withstand repeated bending over a sheave under constant or fluctuating loads.

The ability to withstand bending fatigue will, along with other factors, determine the life of the rope and is therefore of interest to both the rope maker and the machine operator.



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