Brunton Wire Rope FZCo. manufactures Steel wire rope for almost all applications. On receipt of purchase orders from customers, the sales department generates in the computer on internal sales order for onward execution of the purchase order. The production department follows this sales order to produce the wire rope. There are two types of basic materials which are taken as the starting point for the manufacturing process. One of the starting materials is steel wire and the second one is steel wire strands.


On receipt of the wire / strand from our group plant – Usha Martin, Ranchi/ Hoshiarpur, we do a batch wise testing as a part of the inspection procedure. The items that get passed in the inspection and are taken into raw material stock and the non-conformed items are returned to the supplier.

For production of ropes from the wire route method we get the rewinding operation done first where wires are wound on compatible reels/bobbins for the next step.

These wires in bobbins are loaded onto the respective stranding machines. The standing machine combines the wires as per the required design and produces the strand. The design is explained in the ERP generated process card which is followed by the worker during stranding operation. On completion of the stranding operation the production is logged in the daily production sheet. During the process of stranding, in-process inspection is logged in process report. Non – conforming products are again segregated.
The strands manufactured above are then put into the respective closing machines for the closing operations to be performed to make a rope. Here again, an in-process inspection report is also generated for each closing and the production report is uploaded in the ERP for allocation to customers.

Prior to the production report of the closed rope, exhaustive quality control, checks and inspections are carried out. The necessary tests give online reports to be produced in the form of test certificates. The test certificates accompany the final bills to the customers.

In case of ropes that are made in strand route, the starting point is loading of the strands on the closing machine to get properly closed and have the final wire rope manufactured. All the necessary quality checks and inspection activities are also performed here as explained in the previous paragraphs.

The finished rope undergoes final packing as per the standard packing procedures the company has and also has additional packing features as per the customer requirements, if any.

The logistics department takes over the responsibility of the material and despatches to the customers along with the necessary documentation.



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