Usha Martin’s integrated steel plant near Jamshedpur has one million tonne capacity and is one of the India’s largest speciality steel plant in long product segment. The Steel Plant was set in 1974 in iron ore and coal rich belt of India . It has the distinction of being India’s first steel plant to receive the TPM Excellence Award from JIPM, Japan.


The steel plant was the first steel plant in India to use Hot Metal in Electric Arc Furnace, that has become an industry wide practice now.
The steel making route is Blast Furnace & DRI Kiln, Electric Arc Furnace, Ladle Refining Furnace, Vacuum Degassing, and Continuous Casting Machines supported by in-house ore beneficiation, Sinter, Coke-oven, Pellet, DRI, Power Plant, and Lime kilns.
The steel plant is located in Jharkhand, a state rich in Iron ore and Coal reserves. For feeding the Steel Plant, the company has captive iron ore mines and coal mines located in nearby area within the state. The iron ore is used to make Hot metal from Blast Furnace through Sinter, and Sponge Iron through pellets and DRI kilns.
The hot metal and sponge iron is charged in Electric Arc Furnace for making steel, which further is refined in Ladle Furnace and Vacuum Degassing Units. We have 2 Blast Furnaces having capacity of 245 cubic metre and 380 cubic metre and 3 Electric Arc Furnaces having capacity of 40 MT (2 Nos) and 70 MT (1 No). The state of the art Continuous Casting Machines produce billets & blooms in sizes 300 x 360 mm, 200 x 240 mm, 200 x 200 mm 150 x 150 mm, and 130 x 130 mm.
The Rolling facilities include Wire Rod mill and Bar rolling mills where the rolled products in the form of 5.5 mm to 180 mm dia, and Round Cornered Square (RCS) from 63 mm to 200 mm size.
The plant has an illustrious history of collaboration with well known companies like Ovako Steel (now SKF Steel) of Finland, Nikko Industries of Japan, Hamburger Stahlwerke GmbH of Germany, Daido Steel of Japan and recently Aichi Steel Corporation (a Toyota Group Company) of Japan. The high quality steel has provided Usha Martin a strong presence in automobile industry.
Currently, the company caters to Automotive Sector, Heavy Earth Moving Equipments, Tractors, Aluminium Industry, and Oil & Gas Sector. Some of the components for which we supply steel are crank shaft, connecting rod, transmission gears, crown wheel & pinion, front axle beams, rear axle shaft steering knucle, hubs(front/rear), spindle & spring steel flats in automotive sectors , cathode and anode bars for aluminium industry, flanges, gear and shafts for oil & gas sector, and piston rods & pins for heavy earth moving equipments.
Approvals from prominent companies like Tata Motors, Caterpillar, Graziano, Arvin Meritor, Mahindra Forging, Bharat Forge, John Deere, Dana Corporation etc is a result of the high quality steel produced by Usha Martin.


Section & Size range
• Wire Rods: 5.5 – 25.40 mm
• Bars (Round): 25 – 160 mm
• Bars (RCS): 63 – 200 mm
• Flats : Thickness (11-20 mm)
• ?Hex : 23.5 A/F – 34.0 A/F
• Rectangle : 120×130 mm or as per required profile


Usha Martin manufactures a wide variety of steel grades depending on user’s requirement, including
• Carbon Steel for forging application.
• Low Alloy Steel for Forging Application?
• Cold Heading Quality Steel
• Free & Semi free Cutting
• Spring Steel
• Bearing Steel
• Micro Alloyed Steel
• Steel for Wire & Wire Ropes
• Bright Bar Quality Steel
• Steel for Cathode bar
• Steel for Power Transmission Chains


– Crank shaft (40Cr4C, 42CrMo4, 38MnSiVS5, 39Cr5, SAE1541B, 55C8, SMn443H, etc)
– Connecting Rod (C70S6, S48C etc.)
– Front Axle beam (40Cr4, 41Cr4, SAE 4135, S58C etc.)
– Stub Axle/steering knuckle(SAE1541, 40Cr4, SAE4135 etc.)
– Rear Axle shafts (EN15A, SAE1541, SAE15B41H, SAE1547RH, 40Cr4B/C etc.)
– Crown wheel / Pinion(SAE 8822, SAE815M17, 20MnCr5, 94B17, SAE4317HM2 etc.) and
– Transmission gears (20MnCr5, SAE8620, 815M17 etc)
– Coil Springs/Leaf Springs/Stabilizer bars (SUP7N, SUP9, SUP9A, SUP11A, SUP12V, SAE9254D, 52Cr4Mo2V etc.)
– Steel for Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Rod (45C8 etc.)


• Automatic ultrasonic testing machine for bars
• Bell annealing furnace for wire rod
• Wire Rod Coil Shot Blasting Machine for high quality surface finish
• Blue fracture testing machine for Internal defects
• LECO Analyser for carbon, sulphur and gas (Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen) analysis
• X Ray Fluorescent Analyser
• MPI testing machine for surface defect detection
• Optical Emission Spectrometer For Product composition
• Impact/Jominy/Blue Fracture/Mobile Spectrometer


The robust production system of the facility is evident in key certifications like:
• ISO / TS : 16949
• ISO 9001 : 2008
• ISO 14001 : 2004
• The Jamshedpur facility was the first steel plant in India to receive TPM certification from JIPM Japan



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