Wire & Strands

Brunton Wolf Wire Ropes FZCO supplies Usha Martin make wires and strands.

Usha Martin produces one of the best quality wires in the world having very high order of uniformity in tensile strength, close size tolerances, and long life. For manufacturing such high quality wires, Usha Martin has a comprehensive set of facilities including heat treatment facilities, galvanising facilities, wire drawing facilities, and testing facilities: Wire application are Spring wire, ACSR Wire, PC Wire, Welding wire (CO2), CHQ Wire, Auto spoke Wire, Brush Wire, Wire for Fasteners, Cycle Wire & Low Relaxed Pre-stressed Concrete strand.

Usha Martin produces a comprehensive range of strands, with each type designed to cater to specific requirements of the industry:

  1. Bright low relaxation(LRPC) strand
  2. Normal Relaxation(NRPC) strand
  3. Galvanised LRPC strand
  4. Polymer coated Galvanised/Bright LRPC strand.
  5. Grease/Wax filled un-bonded LRPC strand.
  6. Bonded LRPC Strand.
  7. Plain, Indented, and ribbed high tensile steel wire for prestressed concrete.


Usha Martin has a stage by stage testing program to ensure that only the material meeting stringent quality norms enter the next process. The processes are controlled according to the ISO System. Our Testing facilities are approved by Llyods Register and American Bureau of Shipping.
For Rope testing, breaking strength test of rope sample is done in 100 MT and 800 MT testing machines.
With its quality testing procedure, Usha Martin ensures that the wire ropes manufactured are of superior quality and match the demanding requirements of users.



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