Wire Rope

Brunton Wire is a reputed manufacturer of Steel Wire ropes with the back-up of in-house design centre, most modern technology, highly skilled and experienced work force, wide product range suitable for all applications and having a worldwide selling experience.
The ropes manufactured by Brunton wolf are today serving some of the most critical applications across diversified industrial segments. These wire rope products have mean a big value for money to every single consumer.

Oil and Off-Shore Rope

The Titan Oil Field ropes from Brunton Wire is designed to endure ultimate test of strengths on land and overpower turbulent waters. Manufactured by state-of-the-art-technology, these provide superior strength to weight ratio and enhanced working life.
Crane Rope:
Brunton Wire crane ropes are designed to provide longer life, less downtime and superior resistances to bending fatigue for lifting applications under adverse working conditions.

Mining Rope

The mining customers get an immense benefit by associating themselves with Brunton Wire due to Brunton Wire having a very experienced team of application engineers and the group’s strength of producing mining ropes showing excellent breaking load capacity and higher resistance to fatigue, wear, abrasion, thereby, longer life and lower maintenance cost of machine.

Elevator Rope

Brunton Wire’s capability of producing elevator ropes as per the best OEM specifications, have helped its customers to run reliable drives in all elevators throughout the world.

Fishing Rope

Large outer wire diameter, superior quality of galvanization, and application of higher quality of lubricant in manufacturing to check corrosion considerably together extend life of every Brunton Wire fishing rope.

Aerial Rope

Aerial ropes from group company plant are known for low maintenance, long life, excellent quality and strength. Our product offering include Aerial haulage ropes, material handling ropes, ropes for passenger ropeways and other track ropes.

Structured System

Some of the prestigious projects around the world like Vidyasagar Setu in Calcutta, Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver, and TV Towers at UAE TODAY ARE A FEW MANIFESTATIONS OF Usha Martin’s expertise in structural systems. Usha Martin has capability to provide bridge cables, pre-stretched & protected from corrosion, along with requisite end fittings in a ready-to-install condition.

Conveyor Cord

Usha martin, in collaboration with Gustav Wolf of Germany, provides conveyor core having superior steel-rubber bonding, high strength, and a long life.
USHA Martin provides a wide variety of wire ropes for general lifting purpose, boring, shipping, and regulating equipment for railways.

This business group designs manufactures and sells wide variety of ropes for general lifting purpose, boring shipping and regulating equipment for railways.


Usha Martin has a stage by stage testing program to ensure that only the material meeting stringent quality norms enter the next process. The processes are controlled according to the ISO System. Our Testing facilities are approved by Llyods Register and American Bureau of Shipping.
For Rope testing, breaking strength test of rope sample is done in 100 MT and 800 MT testing machines.
With its quality testing procedure, Usha Martin ensures that the wire ropes manufactured are of superior quality and match the demanding requirements of users.



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